After a LONG Stretch of Commercial Projects, now in 2014, I am refocusing my efforts to releasing both, Archived and a steady stream of ALL NEW Photography and Fine Art, Kanji/Katana Traditional Shodo Originals, as well as 'enso ZEN' styled Original ZEN Circles, and ZEN ART.
I'm a simple, yet passionate Artist, with a goal. Every Piece of work you purchase, directly channel funds to Animal Rescue and Human Rights Causes. I give everything I've got when creating on every project, and the same goes for my Advocacy Efforts.
I live everyday by a Philosophy of, 'Compassion, even in the face of Hatred & Darkness". I am a FIERCE, and relentless Warrior for, Animal and Human/Veteran's Rights.
ALL NET proceeds from my work, goes directly to Shelters for un-adoptable Animals, as well as any Human Rights Advocacy/Change, which I am deeply and Directly involved in. ~
ThankYou: "There is No Effort that does't effect change, except of coarse, to offer no effort at all"
Lifegiant 2014, MJ Hacking~

In 2016,  Lifegiant Media,  is setting out to change and redefine the entire, PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESS!


 In 2016 Our Philosophy towards Photography and the entire  'Creative Process',   has, after months of thought, been developed into an Immersive Act of Creation. The following is an idea about this Philosophy, and its meaning:

    'The Art of Capturing Light'.

   In 2016 Lifegiant Media, is excited to bring diverse, extremely High Image Quality,(as a) 'Standard',  in Our   Photography Services, along with the Entire  Associated Process.

      We have redirected the Artisan / Subject relationship into an open, IMMERSIVE, YET very personal design.   An Uncompromising commitment to Capturing ~through Photography~, what we believe IS the very ESSENCE or, 'Heart and Soul', of Photography. Capturing the moments in your Life, in this manor is our, Philosophy. Creating with  an,  Unwavering Focused  Philosophy, toHonor the, 'True Nature of Imagery', we believe will ultimately produce Images that will transcend Time. Ultimately proving to be the birth of an Entire, New Age of the "Photography Process" itself.  A Process so steeped in the pursuit of rendering Images of Superlative Depth, One by which others will be soon to follow. ( Lifegiant, MJHacking, 2016 )

   Images  contain a special, ~Wonderfully Powerful Energy~,  They can Instantly bring forth our deepest emotions, they can allow us to recall the tiniest of details,  from a Special Memory. They can Transport us back in Time to the very second, an Image was Captured.   ~*"Wonderfully Powerful"*

~ABOUT THE ARTIST:       Michael is a Master Photographer with nearly 20 years of Professional Experience. His main body of work was Commercial Campaigns for both National and Local Business in the Greater Boston/NewEngland Area. Also a Professionally trained Studio Drummer, and a Shoado Master Calligrapher of Kana/Kanji Asian Calligraphy, he has been nicknamed a 'Ballistic Creative'. His aka 'Lifegiant' stems from his practice of Eastern Philosophies, as well as his many years as an Animal Rights Activist. Artist, Entrepreneur, and Author, along with several Blogs, and Guest contributions to popular online Publications, he has published three Photo Essays, and a fourth is slated for release this year. Titled, 'One Defining Moment' , he says is now quite poignant as originally based on the Story of an Animal Rescue he attributes to saving his Life, he is now facing a Pulmonary, Auto Immune Disease, yet to have a cure. He goes on to explain the, 'Understanding of the absolute need for Compassion towards those in need, he has rewritten part of the book describing his final, 'Lesson' learned upon his diagnosis in May 2016. Michael has a 24 Yr Old Son Michael-Alex, and a Wife of nearly 20 years he credits nearly all of his Success in the latter part of his life after leaving Finance to follow his Lifelong obsession with PHOTOGRAPHY- SKETCHING- TECH + DIY, anything involving general, "CREATIVITY".    For More;   http://about.me/mjhacking

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