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After a LONG Stretch of Commercial Projects, now in 2014, I am refocusing my efforts to releasing both, Archived and a steady stream of ALL NEW Photography and Fine Art, Kanji/Katana Traditional Shodo Originals, as well as 'enso ZEN' styled Original ZEN Circles, and ZEN ART.
I'm a simple, yet passionate Artist, with a goal. Every Piece of work you purchase, directly channel funds to Animal Rescue and Human Rights Causes. I give everything I've got when creating on every project, and the same goes for my Advocacy Efforts.
I live everyday by a Philosophy of, 'Compassion, even in the face of Hatred & Darkness". I am a FIERCE, and relentless Warrior for, Animal and Human/Veteran's Rights.
ALL NET proceeds from my work, goes directly to Shelters for un-adoptable Animals, as well as any Human Rights Advocacy/Change, which I am deeply and Directly involved in. ~
ThankYou: "There is No Effort that does't effect change, except of coarse, to offer no effort at all"
Lifegiant 2014, MJ Hacking~

Artist Creative Mission Outline 2016

    2016 can be a Year like no other, Team Lifegiant USA has ever collaboratively agreed upon to accomplish.  *While I want everyone to know, & Understand,  I was dealt a crushing blow on May 27th, 2016.(Finally after 2 yrs, I was diagnosed with a Rare, Incurable, Auto Immune Disorder). While I am effected physically, as a WHOLE our moving forward will not change in delivering Creatively Outstanding, and Highly Requested, Services in both Still & Motion Imagery .

    LifegiantMediaGroup has been delivering Highly Successful Commercial, Consumer,Social / Publication,+ Specialized  Photographic + Film Projects, to  Valued Clients, for near 25 yrs.  Nothing will change in our Delivery of,  Diversely Unique, Technically Intricate, + Highly Demanded ,  Still / Motion Image Projects.  The same close attention will be paid to the specific needs of those we serve, However, we feel we can now offer even more compelling work, in 2016 + On , THAT WILL be a change! 

      "One Defining Moment!"

       SSO FAR from just a Simple Statement;  Its an entire Creative Thought Process, Its A Literal Promise to Our Customers,  Its an Entire Philosophy adopted into all of our work now.  *Personally* , it has incredibly deep, powerful, + poignant meaning to myself.  Not resulting from my latest hurdle, but rather the True Bi-product of it,  Re-Energizing Memories from all the previous, Trials, Tragedies & Triumphs Ive experienced in LIFE.  NO Different, than those whom we Serve everyday.  In doing so the realization of re-defining our workflow to a time when technology played much less of a part in the final results. Still incorporating cutting edge techniques, just utilizing more, emotionally stimulating, viewpoints of the content.

      It is with Tremendous Pride, I continue as Project Head for ALL of our Artists: Their Visions, Their Processes, Their Technique, Their Creations, which ultimately include, 'YOUR Timeless Memories Captured". We will always Cater to our Commercial Clients SPECIFIC needs, that will never change.  We think that our new Creative Ideology moving forward, can and will produce not only better, but actually the, ABSOLUTE BEST RESULTS, possible.  THAT we are willing to stake our Reputation, and  HONOR ON!

          As Always my Sincerest Thanks, Michael J Hacking, Founder.;        "Lifegiant"              


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