In 2016 "We" Lifegiant Media, have Re-Dedicated our efforts to a very special goal. The Following is a short outline of our new focused thought process. I'm Honored and Very Proud to Lead, as I Truly Believe in its True Meaningful Purpose, and OUR New, 'Standard in Photographic Resources. 

        Our Artist Mission Summary; 'One Defining Moment'

"We will Connect Base Human Elements of Photography, along with Ones felt in,  Our EVERYDay Life.  Life Moments Caught,  Frozen in Time by a Picture, yet having the capacity to:  Transport Us 'Back TO' -  'OR INTO', that Very Moment in an Instant, from an Image.     We at Lifegiant Media Group Proudly Dedicate our Expertise, and Utmost care into Saving, YOUR Life Moments as Photographs. Photographs that contain that, Wonderfull Energy to Instantly Release our Emotion, or Recall Tiny Details of a Fond Memory, Ones that Ignite Laughter so Spontaneously.  Relive YOUR Moment  or a, Loved One's, Your Family's, and Friends, but don't wait, don't Miss a Memory. Let an Artisan Honor Both a Triumph, or an Adversity or Struggle,(*Don't let the Immense Strain in a Time of Chaos distract you, even overwhelming you, possibly losing the one thing you CAN control. The Ability to Create a Positive Resource for Memories, new and old, from an otherwise, Simply Burdening Time). There is No Power more Real by its very Nature, than the Power of Imagery.   We'll be there to Honor Your Greatest Memory your,   'One Defining Moment'.     Michael J Hacking, Founder, Chief Creative Evangelist      

       Everyday People, You, I, WE are IMMERSED in Imagery, in everywhere we look. Just  think of the countless, "Springboard Style" photos, they immediately grab your eye, as you begin to process a, 'would be'  enriching, funny, or cool image, BAMM-! Your moment is hijacked only to lead to an ad-links propaganda!... I KNOW Its very frustrating. Now simply Add Social Media in, suddenly our "REAL' Physical World and Digital World are colliding. A flooding of seemingly endless, Brilliant Colors, Subject Rich, Funny, and Poignetly often Deeply Moving PHOTOGRAPHS.

       As the simplicity of imagery being the basis for nearly all forms of, News and Information Resources, somehow it may seem like the Truly Fundamental Part or, "The Art of Photography" , is being lost.  The days of, 'Photomap' drive-thru's may really be gone, but have no fear, the Core Energy, the Real and Truly Extraordinary, Wonderful Nature of a Great Picture/Photograph is Alive, Well, and most definitely on a Revival Direction!

        I have spent the BEST years of my Life, 'Capturing Light', and that is literally what I am doing when I take a Photograph. More important than Colors, More Powerful than a Subject, Far more Emotionally Engaging/Enriching is the Moment in time when Light passed through my lens forever frozen, destined to become a Memory, as its captured in a Camera.  I may be slightly, 'Romantic' about this thing that can cripple me with Angst or Frustration, only to offer Me the most Exquisite, Powerful Inner Peace I think I will ever know. Of coarse with each day comes a wider boundary yet again, and I wouldn't wish One thing be different, along  My Journey. It is with this very Passion that I and the Entire Team at Lifegiant Media Group-Lifegiant Films proceed on this path in 2016 and on for, YOU. Each and Every ONE of YOU, no matter what your need, or situation, let us handle the Memories you Handle Life, Let us record it while you and your loved one's LIVE IT!     Sincerely  Michael J Hacking, Founder LMG-LF (c)2016 


After a LONG Stretch of Commercial Projects, now in 2014, I am refocusing my efforts to releasing both, Archived and a steady stream of ALL NEW Photography and Fine Art, Kanji/Katana Traditional Shodo Originals, as well as 'enso ZEN' styled Original ZEN Circles, and ZEN ART.
I'm a simple, yet passionate Artist, with a goal. Every Piece of work you purchase, directly channel funds to Animal Rescue and Human Rights Causes. I give everything I've got when creating on every project, and the same goes for my Advocacy Efforts.
I live everyday by a Philosophy of, 'Compassion, even in the face of Hatred & Darkness". I am a FIERCE, and relentless Warrior for, Animal and Human/Veteran's Rights.
ALL NET proceeds from my work, goes directly to Shelters for un-adoptable Animals, as well as any Human Rights Advocacy/Change, which I am deeply and Directly involved in. ~
ThankYou: "There is No Effort that does't effect change, except of coarse, to offer no effort at all"
Lifegiant 2014, MJ Hacking~

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