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MJHacking Photography

MichaelJHacking, PandaPowerhouse on the PLUS!


'All of my Photographic captures, efforts, travel and hours of post production adjustments made in my studio, produce the best possible ~One of a kind~ Art Pieces.  It is with that SAME passion, to offer forth a quality Art investment, for you and your family to cherish, and enjoy for many years, that I am committed to Animal Rescue, & Veterans United.

PLEASE, after 25 years of Commercial Experience, I ask that you consider the following: There are literally, countless images here on SmugMug, and many other sites, so stop and think about, 'How are you going to decide where, how and When to 'Invest', your Hard Earned, "Efforts" ? 

NOT ONLY am I available for consultation, re: room area, Frame Size, the multitude of backings, **Including a Timeless Rendering, on one of several "Metal Canvases" I offer in partnership with SmugMugPRO.

Don't be fooled, price has little to do with long term Quality, Craftsmanship, and Longevity of the Piece, as like all sectors, Artists/Photographers have gone back on Assignments, to keep up in Our World Today. *The fact that ANY selection you make from my vast array of Galleries, and Archives, -Directly goes towards the fight against Animal Cruelty, and our Veterans getting Lost in a Sea of Politics, is a mere bi-product of purchase. I do not push my views on anyone, but couldn't we ALL use a little, Good Karma right about now?

ThankYou Sincerely, for taking YOUR time to view my work, and never hesitate to contact me. The current 50,000+ Art clients receiving a quarterly catalog, enjoy feeling at ease with, "Their Artist", so feel free! MJHacking, Lifegiant, & Panda Powerhouse Productions,(c)2014 

'Summer Fun, and Pulp Fiction'