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2016 Artist Ranking, Top10% of Photographers*. Everyone SAYS they'll deliver great images, WE just DO. ThankYou!

*As ranked by Viewbug© the Worlds best and Largest Contest Payout Community for Photog's. 

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After nearly 25 years of Commercial and Social/Personal Imagery Campaigns, Life has caught up with ne.
I will still be the Ballistic Driving Force behind Lifegiant Media, I just wont be in the field 'as much',( we'll see how new treatments go)
What we DO: Offer Still & Motion images for licensure, purchase, or Philanthrooy. *All Net proceeds go to animal rescue, specifically a retirement home for unadopted rescues.
How We Do: E.O.Y. 2016 As an Artist I placed in the Top 10% of Photograohers on Viewbug the Webs largest Contest/Prize based site. Im a moderator level, and all our Creatives rank among the top talents today. WHY is that even important? Well if you spend your money on our images, I can honestly say there is a greater Artistic Value, based on our popularity, than just any image that might do.
What We Dont Do: Riské fineart nudes, we do bedroon/boudaire/ special sessions for couples,( but aa a rule we keep nudity to a bare minimum!). We dont create Images inspiring Violence, bigotry et al. ALSO WE DONT turn speciak interst groups away based on ability to pay or budget; inbox us wecread em all! Althougth we are deeply focused on a Documentary, we will entertain any collab's, or private session hires, again inbox us.
Finally what were are really all about:."one defining moment', I had onevit changed my life, dont let yours go bye, or worse see it thru a viewfinder. BE in your moments your family's moments, Lifes moments, we capture time in a memory card or film, and deliver you a wall hanging that will transport you thru time!!!!
ThanKYou Lifegiant, M.J.Hacking founder

Over my 25+ years of Media work, many of spent as a Freelance Photographer, I learned many valuable lessons.   ONE, has proven the Most Valuable of ALL, and that is: ' In our Lives, we can NEVER duplicate, retrieve, return, or relive, any single Moment in Time'. HOWEVER, through this wonderful Craft of ,'Image Capture' m WE CAN memorialize them in a unique way.  One that has the Power to transport us back in time. Right to that 'Very Moment', Inspiring our SENSES, & EMOTIONS, truly transcending Time like no other way.  Just like if it was happening now, we are overcome with this Miracle.   THAT is the Embodiment of Photography to ME, and the Truly Incredible way we can almost Stop Time, to allow us to have those moments securely Archived.

Michael J Hacking: Founder/Chief Creative EvangelistLifegiant©   

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